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Salt Shaker Collector's Society

SHAKERS Section Circa 1860 to 1910

The links below go to other pages in the shaker section of this site.   There are pictures and some descriptions of the kind of shakers members collect. Click on the area you want to visit and use your browser back button to return to this page

Assortment of Various Shakers Members Collect
(3 pages of pictures of 27 assorted shakers)
C. F. Monroe Shakers
(11 pages of 120 + pictures plus article on Parker Salts)
Some Northwood's Cactus Shakers

(pictures of 11 different colors showing the variety of Northwood)

More Northwood - Beaded Crosstie

(Northwood attribution and why)

Some U S Glass States Shakers

(6 pages of pictures of all known States Shakers plus article)

Rare Chocolate Shakers

(Extremely rare chocolate pattern)

Greentown's Dewey

(one page of four shaker pictures)

Some Opalescent Swirl

(one page, 7 pictures, of opalescent swirl and speckled shakers)

Some "Cosmos Pattern" Shakers

(one page, 7 pictures, of Cosmos shakers and comparison with confusing pattern)

C. F. Monroe "Parker Salts"

(Direct link to Section on Parker Salts in C. F. Monroe section)

The Double Crossroads Shaker

(one page, 8 photos for this shaker and variants)

Northwood's Teardrop Flower
Woggle Bug"

(one page, three pictures plus short article)

Dithridge's Sunset Color Rarities

(3 pages. 7 pictures showing all known colors)

Klondike Salt Shakers

(Rare Unreported Color with article)

Blue Intaglio
(Rare Unreported Color)
Condiment Sets

(65 photos, 35 condiment sets, 18 patterns with article)

Challinor "Square Shakers
(Four pages of Slag & Carnival Shakers)
New Section on Vaseline Shakers
(12 pages of some Vaseline Shakers)
Dithridge Shakers Attributed
(Dithridge catalog attributes some shakers)
Iris with Meander
(One page but some Rare shakers)
Mt Washington's Floral Spray Shakers
(Is it?)
Fostoria's Czarina
 and U S Glass Cube with Fan

(The Differences)
Retooled Mold
 to Make Strawberry Delight
Leaf, Berry Four Feet
(Mt Washington Shakers)
Squatty Lobe
(Mt Washington Shakers)
Christmas Salts
(You will not believe this collection)
Coil Top Salt Shakers
(Decorated Opalware)
John Bull
(Early vs Imperial)
Some Carnival Shakers
(more to come)
The Billiken
(a neat story)
(Unique Beautiful Pattern)
Some Consolidated and Dithridge Shakers
(a sample)